The soil conditions, climate, viticultural management and winemaking techniques of a place all combine to define terroir, which is expressed by different, unique wines. Terroir can be understood as an ecosystem resulting from the combination in a given place of soil type, topography, microclimate, plant roots, grape variety and people.

One of the important characteristics of a wine is its character or particular nature, expressed in its colours, aromas and flavours. It is a faithful reflection of its origin, its inimitable character, which comes from specific terroirs.

The vineyards of Casas Patronales, located in the Maule Valley, imbue each variety with a different personality, according to the ecosystem which exists in each one. The vineyards are located in the Andean foothills as well as in the centre and near to the coast of the Maule Valley. They produce wines which embody not only flavours but also our affection for this valley.